Japan HeritageFlame Pots

"Flame Pots" was discovered for the first time at the ruins of Nagaoka City in 1936. It is a pottery representative of the middle stage of the Jomon period, combining formative beauty that reminds me of the flaming flame of excavated from the ruins of the Shinano river basin.

“What on Earth?!”

Shinano River Flame Pot Road

Flame pots symbolizing the Jomon culture were created in the Shinano River
basin about 5,000 years ago. The surrounding areas of Niigata City, Sanjo City,Nagaoka City, Tokamachi City and Tsunan Town are treasure houses of Jamon period sites. Valuable excavated items including National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties are displayed in museums and resource centers in each area. In addition, numerous cultural heritage and scenic spots rich in nature dot the surroundings. Experience the appeal of Japanese heritage on Flame Pot Road along the Shinano River.

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